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When a new shop opens in your neighborhood that boasts one of a kind cakes and pastries... we’re there!

Punk Rock Pastries just opened in Burnaby Heights after 9 long months of waiting! Livvy and I picked up a cookies ‘n cream cupcake & champagne and passion fruit cupcake for an afternoon treat.

A couple things to note:
- it’s not a cafe, currently there are no spots inside to sit and enjoy your goodies so be mindful. Not sure if there is plans to change that in the future but for now, take out or stand and nom only.
- this is a unique bakery and as such there are also some non g-rated items. Today we saw cookies that said “f$&7 cancer” but I just quickly covered with my hand and away we went. There are some more adult themed items that are kept on the top of the display out of little eyes line of sight.
- there’s some spooky things in the shop that depending on the kiddo may be scary, all fake though and the shop itself is very welcoming, the owner is great at talking to the kids and keeping the focus off spooky things.
- they only make a cake ONCE. One time! So if you see a cake you like, you better find a way to change it up cuz they won’t repeat it again.
- there’s vegan options!
- the red lip couch once belonged to Regina Mills (if you get this reference this is a place for you lol)
- flavours for the day are posted on their Facebook page daily and once they’re gone, that’s it for the day.

Libby thought this place was “so cool!” and loved the owner. We’ll definitely be visiting to support her as often as we can. And the cupcakes? Ommmmg so good!

Has anyone else visited them so far? Show me your goodies!!

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