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Who The HEll Are WE??

Alicia- Hollie- Elise


Our magical baker Alicia is one of the most talented bakers out there. Her smart ass and dry sense of humor will have you laughing so much you'll be rolling in the flour. Alicia has multiple years of experence working in bakery's across the lower mainland. From cookies to hand painted master pieces shes a fire in the kitchen that you dont want to put out. This Gal is a true hidden artist!



The Creepiest and weirdo of the bunch and also the owner. Hollie is a qualified chef and Pastry chef with 17 Years in the industry but has been in and around kitchens her whole life. Hollie started to learn how to pipe with royal icing at the age of 5 in her dads bakery in Australia. She worked her way up the line to become sous chef then head chef and then found her love of cake decorating. Now she owns and runs PRP, which is her dream shop. Everything in prp is based on hollies love for music, art and all things creepy. 


The other Aussie in the group, Elise is part owner of PRP, But shes not at the shop all the time as she has a real awesome job elsewhere. Elise is the one who keeps us in check and keeps our heads on straight. An amazing chef in the kitchen she can do anything and everything. fun fact: Hollie and Elise are from the same home town but didn't meet until here in Vancouver.