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How much do our cakes cost?

Our cake prices depends on the size of the cake, the number of people it is to serve and the design. We price this way because the more complex the design the longer it can take us to make. Pricing usually is around $14-$18 per serving. basic pricing:

  • Sculpted cake with structure start at $500 plus tax.

  • Sculpted flat cakes start at $280 plus tax

  • 8" rounds start at $190 plus tax

  • 6" rounds start at $150 plus tax

Please note: this is a starting point, depending on design and size price will go up!

Wedding cakes start at $500 

We DO NOT make Traditional wedding cakes. This means no white wedding cakes with frilly flowers its not our thing!

I found pictures of a cake I like online can you  make that cake?

Nope sorry we wont copy someone else's art work. You wouldn't copy the Mona Lisa so we wont steal someones design. We can however re-design you something similar but it has to be changed at least 70%. 

Are you really a nut free bakery?

Yes we sure are a nut free facility, The only nuts in the shop are the staff.

Are you a vegan bakery?
NO we are not a vegan bakery. we are an allergen aware bakery and offer product's that cater to peoples allergy's like dairy and eggs and gluten. 
We have product's in the show case that are vegan friendly but we also have products that are not, so please make sure you ask before you buy. Also read the labels on the cases!


Are our cakes made from scratch?

Yes, All of our cakes  and everything you see in the cases are baked from scratch with punk love and fun. 

How far in advance should i place my order?

The more time the better.  A cake order should be placed as soon as you have finalized all the details of your event (colors, theme, design, amount of servings, etc.). Since we are usually booked a few weeks (or sometimes months) in advance, we do encourage early ordering. 4-6 weeks advance notice is recommended, 

4-6 WEEKS!? ARE YOU CRAZY!? Trust us, we are IN BUSINESS to help serve as many customers as humanly possible. HOWEVER, 1. We ARE HUMANS, and there are only so many hours in the day. 2. We specialize in over-the-top EDIBLE ART! So generally speaking, people who book with us are usually planning parties/events well ahead of time! (NOT at the last minute.)

Do you ship cakes?

Ever had a package that you received broken? Imagine what would happen to cakes! So No we don't ship cakes at all and wont even attempt it. We do ship cookies though. Delivery is recommended for all custom cakes

Speaking of delivery....

We offer delivery on all custom cakes over $300. Rates vary depending on where you live. 

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