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Punk-in Pies Baking 101

As promised on my Instagram live here is the know how to making the perfect pumpkin pie.

No scrolling through some ones life story just the recipe and a few pics

Pie dough:


  • 320g All purpose flour

  • 2g Salt

  • 5g sugar

  • 230g butter or Vegetable shortening (for vegan choice)

    • 20ml to 40ml cold water

How to:

  • Put flour, salt and sugar into food processor (or mixer if you don't have one)

  • Add butter (or shortening) mix until until butter and flour start to look like sand (crumb stage)

  • Add water 1 Tbs (this means Tablespoon) at a time until dough forms.

  • DO NOT MIX ANY MORE!!! you will over work the dough

  • wrap in plastic wrap and put in fridge for at least 2 hours but better if its over night.

  • once dough is rested. take out that rolling pin you never use and add a little (a little not a hand full) of flour to your kitchen bench or table. roll dough out, moving the dough around as you go. if your dough starts to stick add a little flour to help. work fast to avoid over working the dough.

  • spray your pie tin, place dough inside and smooth out edges. don't worry if it rips. this happens to the best of us just smoosh it back together no one will know.

  • put pie base in fridge and prepare filling

Pumpkin Pie filling:

ok its time to pre heat your oven to 350 C

every oven is different so best to always test your temp of your oven with a thermometer (yes they make these for ovens too.)

ok pie time


  • 10oz pumpkin puree

  • 2 eggs ( 2tbs egg replacer and 4 tabs water veganized)

  • 125ml whipping cream (coconut cream for vegan option)

  • 80 ml milk (soy milk for vegan option)

  • 135g brown sugar

  • 7g corn starch

  • 4g cinnamon

  • 5g pumpkin spice

  • 2 g salt

how to:

In 1 big bowl add all of the ingredients and whisk

Yup that's it add everything to 1 bowl its so easy.( well make sure you crack the eggs first no shells.)

Here's the time where you grab that pie base from the fridge. now pour the pumpkin soup looking mix in to that sexy shell you made. make sure you have this on a tray it makes it 100% easier to put in the oven and helps if you spill.

ok now once your oven is hot and ready to go pop that pie in the oven. Your gonna bake it for 35 minutes roughly depending on your oven. ok so here is the main point don't over bake it! you want it to have a little jiggle too it when you pull it out of the oven.

That's it

lesson 1 done

Happy baking and if you burn it just say its caramelized

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