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Note to customers: We will not budge on our price quotes just because another bakery or home baker quoted lower! We make edible art! if you don't like our price that's totally fine there is a grocery store down the road!

We will NOT copy anyone else's cake design no matter how cute it is sorry that is like ripping off the Mona Lisa. 

We recommend delivery for all sculpted cakes and yes there is a delivery charge.

   Pricing the in's and out's and what not

Custom sculpted cakes

Small custom cakes that feed 10-13 people start at $225, Depending on detail and design price will go up.

Medium cakes that feed 20-30 people start at $485 again price will go up or down depending on details.

Large cakes starting pricing is $650 Depending on design and detail


Over the top cakes,  Custom pricing only please email for more information

Cup cakes $4 each

Custom cupcakes $5 & up

Wedding cakes

2 Tier starting price $500 


3 Tier starting price $700 

Fake it until you make it cakes

Start at $400 


*These are only starting costs it all depends what design and how much detail is in the cake.

Single Tier cakes (YUCK)

So these are not our fav cakes to do but we will still rock it and make it as amazing as can be. please note that this is a starting point all extras like figurines etc are all additional costs.

6" Fondant cake simple design $75

8" Fondant cake simple design $95

10" Fondant cake simple design $110