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How much do our cakes cost?

Our cake prices depends on the size of the cake, the number of people it is to serve and the design. we price this way because the more complex the design the longer it can take us to make. pricing usually is around $10-$14 per serving. The minimum for any custom cakes is $225. The best way to find out about pricing is to request a quote.

I found pictures of a cake i like online can you make that cake?

Nope sorry we wont copy someone else's art work. you wouldn't copy the Mona Lisa so we wont steal someones design. we can however re design you something similar but it has to be changed at least 70%

Are you really a nut free bakery?

Are our cakes made from scratch?

Do you ship cakes?

Yes, All of our cakes are baked from scratch with punk love and fun. 

Yes we sure are a nut free facility, The only nuts in the shop are Hollie and Alicia

How far in advance should i place my order?

The more time the better. We do require 2 weeks notice but if you are in a bit of a pickle just shoot us an email and we may be able to help you out.

Ever had a package that you recieved broken? imagine what would hppen to cakes! So No we dont ship cakes at all and wont even attempt it. We do ship cookies though. Deliver is recommended to cakes over $300

Does Hollie really work at the bakery?

Yes Hollie is always working just because shes been on TV doesn't mean she will abandon her baby. Fame wont change us no matter how much attention we get we will still be the same awesome team we always are.